"This was by far the best professional development I had attended all year!" - Erik T. Superintendent, OH
14 Organizational Challenges
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"True leadership is about ones ability to effectively manage RESPONSIBILITY." -Hotep

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After spending over a decade coaching leaders in both the education and entrepreneur sectors, we have observed that the most successful leaders consistently embodied 2 traits…
Bold- (adj) demonstrate an ability to take risks; be enthusiastic, confident & courageous.
Visionary- (adj) create a clear plan for the future based off best practices, wisdom & common sense.
The LeaderShift training and coaching series is for school administrators, non-profit
and business executives who want to become better leaders.
Born from the Bold Visionary Leadership Summit, surveys had shown
that the LeaderShift module was a consistent favorite among attendees. They

found the self-improvement strategies and empowering mindset
ideas to be transformative.

The LeaderShift is a unique self-improvement approach to professional development for leaders.
It is based on "The Science of Success" and challenges commonly held believes and forces
attendees to be more introspective. In the end, leaders feel renewed and empowered.

Our "THINK-TANK" styled follow-up series, allows us to troubleshoot the most immediate
challenges and provide practical, easy-to-implement interventions for improvement. 

Many of the solutions are centered around the "14 Common Organizational Challenges"

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