"This was by far the best professional development I had attended all year!" - Erik T. Superintendent, OH
14 Organizational Challenges
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Welcome Leaders of the "New School"!

"True leadership is about ones ability to effectively manage RESPONSIBILITY." -Hotep

Leaders Lead...

After spending over a decade coaching leaders in both the education and entrepreneur sectors, we have observed that the most successful leaders consistently embodied 2 traits…
Bold- (adj) demonstrate an ability to take risks; be enthusiastic, confident & courageous.
Visionary- (adj) create a clear plan for the future based off best practices, wisdom & common sense.
The Bold Visionary Leadership Summit is for this distinct, unique type of leader who takes ownership of their position and responsibility to make a way for their school.

Over the past few years, the Bold Visionary Leadership Summit has become a premiere professional development event specifically for school administrators. The one-day summit provides an intense "THINK-TANK" style PD, jam-packed with practical and easy-to-implement strategies for school improvement. Each summit has a unique theme that is relevant to today's most pressing issues in education. Many of the solutions are centered around the "14 Common Organizational Challenges"

Which of these challenges are you experiencing?

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